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Esteban Criminal Lawyers is a firm of expert criminal lawyers with exclusive dedication to criminal law. It is managed by Marco Esteban, Criminal Lawyer and Master in Criminal Law, with a successful professional career in the defense of criminal cases. We are a highly specialized firm in criminal defense. We have extensive experience in the resolution of lawsuits in the different instances of criminal jurisdiction.

Our firm is focused on high quality criminal legal defense. We are specialists, since criminal proceedings require an important knowledge of the applicable laws and the courts’ jurisprudence. Given the complexity of legal problems in criminal matters, the assistance of an expert criminal lawyer is essential to avoid a negative outcome in the litigation. When you face criminal charges, your freedom and reputation are at stake. It is essential that you have a competent criminal lawyer with the knowledge and ability to defend you properly. We have a strong track record of successful criminal court cases.

We consider our clients as unique people to whom we must give an individual solution and dedicate the maximum effort. For years we have helped them to solve their criminal problems, always by their side at all times, no matter how difficult their situation may seem. That is why we work tirelessly for them. By combining a complete understanding of their case, a deep knowledge of the law and a great technical preparation, we are convinced that we will find a suitable legal solution.

Experience has shown us that having specialized assistance in the criminal field is an essential support to safeguard your rights and options for victory in the process. We are aware that the main objective is to protect your freedom, your family and your profession. You will see that we are the best criminal lawyers and we offer you the best treatment, with respect, dedication and understanding.

Experts Criminal Lawyers in Barcelona

We can help and assist you throughout the entire criminal process, providing you with the legal help you need and ensuring your rights. No matter how complicated the situation may seem, there is always a line of defense to achieve the most favorable resolution in your case, with the least possible impact on your life and interests. An effective defense cannot be improvised. The ability to design legal defense strategies is acquired after extensive knowledge of the matter and excellent legal training. Only when criminal cases are properly prepared by a specialist in criminal law do the answers you need for your problems appear.

We are professionals and strongly protect the constitutional rights of our clients. We represent them in every phase of the criminal process, rehearse all options to provide a solid criminal defense, prepare the evidence and proof necessary to obtain a dismissal or acquittal and present well-founded appeals to achieve the maximum legal benefits. Our professional style involves maintaining constant communication and informing you in detail of every step we take, even on weekends or vacations. The strategic capabilities we have accumulated as criminal lawyers over the years will be your fundamental and decisive help. We will provide you with efficient and active legal criminal assistance. Call us and we will fight for and with you.


Abogado Penalista Marco Esteban


Abogado Penalista Marco Esteban

Marco Esteban is a Criminal Lawyer and Director of the firm specialized in criminal law Esteban Criminal Lawyers, with activity all over Spain. He has a Law Degree, a Master’s Degree in Criminal Law and a Doctoral Diploma in Advanced Studies. He has taught at several universities and business schools and is the author of several books and articles on criminal law matters.

Professionally, he has a successful experience in the resolution of complex criminal cases before the courts. Over the years he has provided his clients with the highest quality legal representation and an effective legal strategy for their procedural situation. Attorney Marco Esteban provides the best criminal defense and the peace of mind of counting on the intervention of a criminal expert.


Apropiación Indebida


Tribunal: Juzgado de Instrucción
Acusación: Ministerio Fiscal y acusación particular
Imputación: Delito de apropiación indebida



Tribunal: Audiencia Provincial
Acusación: Ministerio Fiscal y acusación particular
Pena solicitada: 6 años de prisión por delito continuado de estafa con agravante de abuso de confianza



Tribunal: Juzgado de lo Penal
Acusación: Ministerio Fiscal
Pena solicitada: 3 años de prisión por delito de falsedad en documento mercantil


John L.

I owe Marco the biggest gratitude for helping me in my lowest moment. As a touring American around Spain, I was having an amazing time experiencing all the food, architecture, culture and the Catalonia life. During this period, I was to experience a different kind of «adventure». I was detained for several days on a wrongful accusation in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces. My only help was muy one traveling buddy from the states and thank God he was able to find Marco to help me. He came within the same day of being found and was wonderful throughtout the whole process. Full of attention, honest information, professionalism and an oper ear were the things I appreciated most about him. He was in constant talks with my family regarding my case which helped alleviate stress tremendously on both sides. After severeal days at a jail, I was a free man! Marco kept on fighting for me even weeks after I returned back to the states. Eventually, the case was dismissed and I won my bail money back. I have nothing but positive praises for Marco and his establishment and my family and I highly recommend him to ANYONE looking for an exceptional lawyer.

Seth Colchester

Marco is a very professional lawyer who pays a lot of attention to detail, he most certainly has gone above and beyond for me and i would highly recommend him

Sam BV

I found myself in a difficult and unfair situation where i needed the best advise I could get. And that’s exactly what I found with Marco. He was always honest and he never told me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. The Spanish justice system is horrible, Marco knows it, and that’s why you need a lawyer with experience. He got the best result possible for me and I will forever be thankful! Look no further.


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Economic Crimes

Administrative Crimes

Sexual Crimes

Motor Vehicle Offenses

Criminal Process


When you should hire a criminal lawyer?
Immediately, before doing anything else. As in a medical case, the problems addressed early on are more likely to be satisfactorily solved.

Why is it better to hire a lawyer dedicated exclusively to criminal law?
Because criminal law is a complex and constantly changing discipline that requires total dedication to master. Your chances of success will be greater with a specialist criminal lawyer.

What should I do if accused of having committed a crime?
Consult a criminal lawyer before taking any action or talk to anyone. If you act without professional advice, you can make strategic mistakes that later will have a negative impact on the judicial process.

Is it worth hiring a criminal lawyer if I am innocent?
It is preferable to hire a specialized criminal lawyer even if you’re innocent. Sometimes the innocent are convicted.

Is it advisable to hire a criminal lawyer if the charges against me are not very serious?
It is a misconception that a criminal prosecution can be not very serious. A conviction, even if it seems of little importance, can have consequences in the future, like a more severe punishment on a second conviction.

Can they condemn me if there is only my word against the complainant?
According to Spanish criminal law they can condemn you, because the word of the complainant constitutes sufficient evidence if the judge considers it credible.

Is it possible to change my criminal lawyer if I already have one in criminal proceedings?
You have the right to change your lawyer at any time.

Is it confidential everything that you tell to the criminal lawyer?
It is confidential by law. The Constitution protects communications between client and lawyer. Neither the courts nor the administration can force a defendant or an attorney to disclose the contents of their conversations.

Does it make sense to hire a lawyer if I want to plead guilty and confess?
A criminal lawyer will help first to know the advantages and disadvantages of pleading guilty. Later, if you are willing to do so, the criminal lawyer will try to get the best reduced sentence allowed by law.

Do you work on commission?
We do not work on commission, although the payment of our fees can be flexible and personalized.

¿In what situations can you defend me?
At Esteban Lawyers, we can assume your defense if you are in any of these situations:

  • You have been called to testify by the police
  • You have been called to testify by the court
  • You have been summoned to a fast trial
  • You have been accused
  • You have been arrested
  • You are or you will be summoned to a criminal trial
  • You have been convicted and want to appeal
  • You have a firm conviction under execution
  • You want to file a complaint or lawsuit


Cómo se condena a inocentes (II): La visión de túnel y la presunción de inocencia

Por Marco Esteban
Abogado Penalista

La visión de túnel es un fenómeno cognitivo universal que tiene en el proceso penal una de sus consecuencias más lamentables. Se actúa con visión de túnel cuando el proceso penal se centra en un sospechoso y prioriza la línea de investigación que le culpabiliza. Hasta el punto de que, no solo abandona totalmente la investigación de otros sospechosos, sino que elimina o ignora sistemáticamente cualquier hecho o evidencia que favorezca al acusado y no cuadre con la hipótesis preestablecida de la culpabilidad.

A veces este mecanismo de concentración en un único escenario es consciente y, en la mayoría de las ocasiones, inconsciente. Nuestro cerebro ahorra energía si […]

Cómo se condena a Inocentes (I): La rueda de reconocimiento

Por Marco Esteban
Abogado Penalista

Entre los diversos mecanismos que en el sistema penal favorecen la condena de inocentes se encuentra la rueda de reconocimiento. Como la prisión, es una solución arcaica que sigue plenamente vigente porque no hemos encontrado nada mejor para reemplazarla. Consiste en un reconocimiento visual por parte del testigo de un delito a través de un cristal unidireccional a cinco o seis ciudadanos, entre los cuales se coloca a un sospechoso. Si el testigo señala al sospechoso como el autor del delito, este reconocimiento positivo pesará sobre éste como una losa e incrementará la probabilidad de que sea condenado en sentencia. Si el testigo no le reconoce, sus […]

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