Esteban Lawyers is an expert criminal law firm. It is managed by Marco Esteban, experienced Criminal Lawyer Master in Criminal Law, with a prestigious career in the defense of hundreds of criminal cases. We are a highly specialized criminal law firm, dealing with all types of crimes. We have extensive experience in the resolution of criminal proceedings in criminal Courts and have helped our clients to solve their legal problems, fighting alongside at all times, no matter how difficult their situation could seem.


We have built a reputation of never leaving or accepting defeat, as well as treating our clients like unique persons deserving a solution and our maximum effort. We work tirelessly to achieve an outstanding result in your litigation. Combining the understanding of the concrete case, a deep knowledge of the law and a record of success, we are convinced to find the best solution for you. Our experience shows that counting on an experienced criminal attorney is an important asset for the safeguard of your rights and the chances of winning. We understand that the main objective is to protect your freedom, family and profession. We want you to realize that we are the best criminal lawyers and offer the best treatment, with respect, devotion and understanding.


We keep constant communication and inform you in detail about each step we take, even on weekends or holidays. We know that being accused or victim of a crime is an extraordinarily unpleasant and frustrating experience. The prospect of sanctions and damage to your reputation can leave you anxious and uncertain about what to do. The strategic skills we have accumulated over the years will be a decisive help. Call us and we'll fight for and with you. When choosing a criminal lawyer expertise is very important. In the field of criminal law, full dedication to the subject is decisive in order to design a coherent and effective legal strategy. In criminal cases it is necessary a expert professional with solid training and experience. Call us and we will fight for and with you.