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Criminal Lawyer Marco Esteban

Criminal Lawyer Marco Esteban

Specialists in Criminal Law

Esteban Abogados is a leading criminal law firm that provides expert, strategic defence advice. The firm is headed by its director, Marco Esteban, who is known though out the city as a leading expert in Criminal Law with a career that has included hundreds of successful outcomes. If you have reason to come into contact with the Spanish legal system, it’s essential that you are represented by a firm that has a successful track record and an in depth understanding of the procedural system. We have both. Our extensive experience in resolving criminal proceedings in criminal Courts, means that you can trust us to provide the best possible advice to take the correct steps to find solutions for your legal problems. We will stand alongside you at all times, no matter how difficult your situation is.

Our reputation is built upon years of relentless advocacy for our clients. We do not accept defeat but maintain at al times a desire to keep fighting for the people we represent. We treat our clients as people because every case is unique and deserves our full attention. We work tirelessly to achieve the correct result, representing you at every level within the Spanish legal system. Winning cases requires us to have a full understanding of your circumstances, which we combine with a deep knowledge of the law and our record of success. Our own experience testifies to the importance of having a legal team working for you.  We are here to protect your freedom, family, wealth and reputation. You will find that we will treat you with  respect and understanding, whatever your circumstances. The moment you walk through our door you will have our undivided attention.

We keep you up to date, in detail, with how your case is progressing even at weekends and during holidays. We know that being accused or being a victim of a crime is an extraordinarily unpleasant and emotional experience.  The prospect of  imprisonment or other penalty and the consequential damage to your reputation can leave you anxious and uncertain about what to do. The strategic skills we have accumulated over the years will be a decisive help. If you have been accused or been a victim, the time to contact us is now. The moment you are aware of being involved in an incident is the right moment to seek advice. You need to know your rights in order for you to exercise them.

We are constantly reading and writing about the latest legal and jurisprudential modifications to ensure we provide the most effective defence. Keeping up to date with any changes enables us to advise you in which location it would be to your advantage to have your case heard. Defending your rights is not only knowing the law but also to understand their circumstances and priorities. We take time to meet with you in order to give you the best legal advice. Now you must decide who will represent you. We encourage you to explore our website to learn how we work and what you will encounter in the criminal process.


At Esteban Lawyers, we can help if you are in any of these situations:

  • You have been called to testify by the police
  • You have been called to testify by the court
  • You have been summoned to a fast trial
  • You have been accused
  • You have been arrested
  • You are or you will be summoned to a criminal trial
  • You have been convicted and want to appeal
  • You have a conviction under execution

With us you will have an expert, clear and effective legal assistance. We will help you to determine:

  • Which is the best legal strategy in your case
  • How to handle your court appearances
  • If you must negotiate or not with the prosecution and accusations
  • Which is the evidence against you
  • The appeals you can lodge
  • The advantages and difficulties of your legal position
  • The chances of success
  • The exact cost of your defense